Just picked up this CRF230M!

Just picked up this 2009 CRF230M for $2,899 from the dealership brand new with no miles on it. Got it for about $500-$600 cheaper than most even used ones I've found and much less than the original MSRP of $5,399. Clearly the dealer was just trying to get rid of it. And luckily at 5'2" this is exactly what I was looking for because of the low seat high compared to the wr250 and klx250s.

Anyways, obviously the 230cc doesn't have excesive power, but so far has been able to haul my little 130 pound self no problem. Would like a bigger bike, but I'm just too short haha.

So far love it! Haven't got many miles on it due to the long winter but so far love it. Done a couple simple mods including a new more aggressive front fender, and deleted the dumbo mirrors and replaced them with some powermadd hand gaurds with mirros attatched for a cleaner look.



Way to fire... good for you. Treat it right with frequent oil changes and it will reward you well. Have fun!

Awesome!! Congrats!! Enjoy and be safe and keep us up to date with all your upgrades :thumbsup:

Nice score. :thumbsup:

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