200 exc clutch info please

I just put new springs in my 2003 exc 200. I can't find torque specs for the spring holder bolts, or if locktite is applied before assembly. Anyone know offhand?

10Nm and I've never used Locktite on mine.

Thanks, Man.

I will get right to it. The lever pull is noticably lighter with cr 125 springs.

Leave the stock springs in, buy one of these levers and the pull will be like butta, guaranteed better than how it feels now WITH 200 SPRINGS, I was shocked when I put mine on. BTW I have no affiliation with them I just went through a few different setups trying to find what worked best and when I put that lever on with a 9.5 master it's seriously a 1 finger affair. Best yet it fits better with hand guards.

I have a Barnett basket in mine,new stock KTM 200/CR 125 center hub,Tusk plates with heavy duty springs,and a KTM Flex lever and it is also 1 finger all day easy. Not sure what master cylinder is on it. I can't imagine it being any easier though.

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