Uncorked and too loud ?

Love my BRP. Just got 87 miles on it now and am thinking I need to uncork it soon. :)

But I also plan on riding Enduros with it.

So the question is:

Does the uncorked (CA-Version) pass the sound restrictions with the Honda replacement exhaust tip ? (I do not want to drill)

And if not, what can be done to have the BRP uncorked and still meet the required dB level ?

TX for your input.

Pull the cork on that Thang! You'll love it! I believe I was told that the HRC tip/ insert did meet the allowed db level. But, don't take my word for it. I put it on my bike rather than drilling out. Sounds pretty B.A! :)

I drilled mine out and plan to have a sound check tomorrow at Gorman. I'll post the results.

I understand you plan to use the HRC tip but my results might help.

I am curious? I kept my stock tip just in case I have to alter it for this reason. Do let us know! Have fun on Tejon Trail!

I had planned to remove the stock muffler tip and replace it with part number 18317-mbn-640 "Competition muffler insert". As long as I can stay within the noise limit of 96 dBA it would be ok.

But what about the spark arrester ?

Just found this here:

"The California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division has been testing noise emissions of motorcycles and ATV’s for about a year. This information can be used to help enthusiasts find a muffler for their OHV that will comply with California’s noise emission standards. Only tests with a reading of 101 dBA or less are included. The list is by make, model and year of the OHV tested."

It is a pdf file


Goto pages 36-38 for Honda XR 650 R data !

You'll find people who will say their HRC tip passed and you'll find people who said their's did not, so flip a coin. I personally don't think it will pass consistantly, but it all depends on the ranger and their famialiarty with the test, the equipment, the surrounding environment, etc. There's plenty of variables involved and I've talked to people who passed on their partcular bike only to fail on that same exact bike when tested later on. If you get tested, make sure the person doing the test is using a type III sound meter. Type II's are good for quick checks, but don't have the accuracy of a type III. I made a turn down tip that attaches to my HRC tip and diverting the sound partially downward helps a bit. If worse comes to worse, you can always install a Baja Desings quiet tip insert into the HRC tip and that will pass the 96 dba standard, but you'll loose a bit of performance too.

I deal with LE Rangers quite a bit and I volunteered my pig when they were being trained to do the sound tests. I have the HRC tip and it blew 94 dbs 3 or 4 times with 3 or 4 different people(INCLUDING THE INSTRUCTOR). Im not sure what it would blow at different elevations though. I am at or below sea level right now. They also said that the tip isnt exactly legal either because it didnt have a manufactures' stamp of approval. Im not sure if Honda has realized this and they are now stamping them or not.

Uncorked with the muffler tip drilled out(2inch hole saw), I tested between 93.5-94.7db's. I'm not sure was model of tester was used but the test was done at Gorman(4-5K feet).

I had this test done yesterday and am very pleased to be legal.

I originally bought the HRC tip but was concerned about the sound level but also that the tip wasn't stamped "spark arrestor" like the stock tip is. Kind of strange since it was a Honda part.

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