Needle position in cold weather

First of all, I am at 3,800 ft and it is cold! Temp will be between 40 and 55 degrees. I don't really want to dive into my carb again :D, but should I? When I uncorked my Pig, I stuck with the stock needle in the 4th position. Any rec's? What would be the benefits? :)

At 3,800 ft & 45F, I'd probably pick the following jets to work from.

Main ~ 175 or 172

Stock needle ~ 4th clip

B53E Needle ~ 3rd clip

Pilot Jet ~ 68s

If it got much warmer such as past 60F, then you'll need to lean out the jetting if you want to improve the performance.

I must be dialed in already. I am running the 172 / 68 combo with stock needle in fourth position. What difference would the B53E needle in 3rd make? What would be the "ups and downs" be? Stock vs. B53E :)

Hey Eric,

Relax man! :) This is the joy of riding a big bore 4-stroke. They aren't nearly as finicky about jetting as all lesser bikes out there. IF anything, you may want to richen it up, somehow. Maybe raise the needle (drop the clip) IF YOU ARE NOTICING A POWERLOSS. If the bike feels fine, leave her alone! Like they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it!! :D

The B53E neelde is approximately two clip positions richer than the stock needle at 1/4 throttle, about one clip richer from 3/8 to 5/8 throttle and the same as the stock needle from 3/4 to full throttle if memory serves me correct. This needle can help the low & mid range performance/response and it also can help to minimize boiling over in some circumstances by keeping the mixture a bit richer within a specific range.

Thank you very much! I like knowing what the heck is going on and you guys are all very helpful! :)

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