A lot to be thankful for

Hey all,

As I reflect on Thanksgiving day, I realize that I have alot to be thankful for:

>A wife and kids who I worship, love and adore

>Having a healthy family and being healthy myself (mom is 82 and still going strong)


>Having a job I still enjoy after 23 years

>Being financially sound

>Having a house we can call our own

>Things we take for granted, like food on the table at every mealtime, decent clothes to wear to work or school, good eyesight, good hearing, the ability to make choices, freedom of speech and this list goes on and on

>The fact that we have men and women in our military who protect our country

>Law Enforcement and Fire Departments who are willing to lay it down for us

>George Bush and his staff who says they will protect us and then takes care of business and won't back down

I could go on and on and on....




Amen again.

I'll add:

good knee surgeons

affordable health insurance

AMEN Ernie!

amen,ditto. (and tight trails & bark-busters)and those two extra strokes! :):D

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Later The Fireman

Well put!

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