2001 YZ 426 Clarke Fuel Tank Question

Hey Everyone,

First post here at ThumperTalk. I've been a long time reader and have FINALLY created a profile.

First question: Just ordered and received a Clarke Fuel tank for my 2001 YZ426. Is it best two rig two fuel petcocks to this tank or would one on the stock (left side) suffice in retrieving most of the fuel from the tank? The tank already has a spot to easily put a petcock on both sides, but I'm not sure how the plumbing would work for that.

Any input would be appreciated! Pictures always welcomed.



Brass "T" between the petcocks.

Having both side feed the carb means you don't have to even out the gas in the tank by tipping the bike from side to side.

Thanks Krannie. I was looking at some pictures of something similar to that last night to what you are describing.

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