Cut chain to short

I just installed a new chain and only needed 1 link off and the chain breaker takes off 2 links. There is this metal spacer called a "patch" that i removed to move wheel the further in and its fine now. Can i ride without these "spacers", i had to tighten the axle nut a lot more and this will only be till the chain stretches and i put the spacers back in. Its number 3 on the picture.


Put it back in, it needs to be in. Next make the cain the correct lenght, links alway come out in groups of two press the links back on with a chain press. if the cain ever gets long enough the way it is, it is trashed.

Put a sinle link back in it with a second master link. If you install it correctly, it will be fine. The steel liner plates on the inside of the swing arm MUST be in place.

can i do 1 ride without the steel plates? i will put a second master link next ride.

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can you cut the chain anywhere to add the master link? where should i break it

Not unless you want to add two more links in the middle somewhere. The additional master link won't make the chain longer unless you use it to add and additional link back onto the chain. Cut off a single link from the piece you cut off the chain in the first place and add it on.

why dont you just use a half link? If that isnt enough, you can always just do like mentioned above and use two masters and add a few links. Personally, I would rivet in the proper amount. I do not really even like the master link other than ease when removing the chain. riviteng it in makes it an endless chain and has to be cut to be removed. you could always just rivet in the necessary links and still use just one master.

Riveted master links probably are more secure, but only if they are properly installed. On the other hand, the only reason a high quality clip type link will normally ever fail is ...

...improper assembly. The clip type masters for the better chains, especially O-ring chains are a very tight press fit between the outer plate and the pins, so much so that most require a pressing tool of some kind to assemble them and get the plate on the pins far enough to allow the clip to engage the grooves completely. The press fit is where they get their strength from, and the good riveted links are made this way as well.

But, with a clip link, you have a clear indicator of whether you have the clip all the way on: either the clip fits in the grooves or it doesn't. Not so the riveted link, and I have seen people start peening over the ends of the pins before they really had the link together all the way. The riveting tool and the process does tend to push the plate on farther, but not as well as a master link press does.

I've always used clip links, and never broken one. I had a situation with my '03 YZ450 very similar to the OP's, too. I had recently installed a fresh Regina ORN6 on the bike when I decided to bump the stock gearing from 14/48 to 15/49. I always buy the full 120 link chains, so I had another link. Just cut it out and added it to the end of the chain, master/new link/master, just like that, no problem. Ever.

As far as ease of removal is concerned, I don't really do that very often. No reason to.

i got both masterlinks in and chain is good now. i put some epoxy on the masterlink just to hold it in place because they are right next to each other.

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