Clutch help pretty please

i asked nicely.

ok so had a rekluse installed in my 09 yz450 decided to swap it into my 08wr450. well the rekluse works great in the wr but when i put the clutch from the wr into the yz i have way to much slack in the cable/lever. so i rechecked everything 7 steels/8frictions, throw out and ball are correct. everything looks me at least. i have another cable im going to try but im not sure if that is wasting time or not. ive tried adjusting cable at all points but there is still way to much slack.

i didnt touch the pushrod or take anything out deeper than the throw out.

any help would be appreciated. ill take pics later

You're sure you didn't loose the ball that runs between the outer pushrod/throwout assembly and the inner rod? Since there's a socket in the outer rod, the ball likes to stick to it when you pull the outer rod out. Then, when you're not looking it rolls away somewhere.

yeah that was the first thing i checked when i broke back into it. thanks for your response, any other things i should check?

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