draining the fuel tank 2010 yz450f

i do not have a manual i have tried to find the answer through Google bit i cant find a easy way to drain the tank i have debated trying to siphon it but there has to be a better way it looks like the plugs on the bottom may twist off but i am fearful of breaking something expensive please help me im becoming very frestuated

Unbolt it and

flip it over

I tried that as well but it seems even with the connecting bolts off i dont have the room to tip it over with out putting strain on the cables :(

The manual shows how to unclip the fuel hose

There is a lil black clip pop that off with a tiny slotted screw driver, the red clip pulls out, then there are some tabs you squeeze while pulling the fuel hose off

Be gentle use a flash light lay a couple rags down and have someone hold the tank on its side while you do it

The electrical clip is a standard squeeze and pull deal small vice grips with GENTLE pressure work great if your have fat fingers

With all things breath in the the nose out the mouth Good luck

thanks alot it worked perfect im allways scared when i see plastic i have a history of breaking those connectors

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