2001 yz 426 clutch basket play

Hey guys. I'm taking apart my clutch on my 2001 yz426. Once I took off the basket I noticed there was some circumferential play between the basket and the drive gear. If I apply a twisting force with my hands I can get about a half inch of free play between the basket and gear. The service manual doesn't give any exact specs but Yamaha makes it sound like there is zero tolerance for this.

Anyways I hope this makes sense. Wanted a second opinion or two.



That slack is not good. It will cause the clutch to be grabby, beat up the clutch plates, and shed junk into your oil. The 450 uses rubber cushions that can be replaced from sources in the aftermarket, but the 426 uses an older design using coil springs, and the cushion assembly is not rebuildable.

Time to replace the driven gear and basket.

Thanks gray racer. The truth hurts sometimes

Hey gray racer i herd you were the expert on the 426... i have a 01 yz426f and its making a ticking noise is this normal for these bikes just changed oil and filter 4 hours ago and same noise thought it would of helped but sounds the same what could this be

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