Lexx mxe slipon YZ450F 2012

anyone has this slipon for YZ450F 2010-2013?

any pictures would be nice.

Is slipon on mounted to frame on two locations as the stock muffler? All pictures I have seen in ads are just one band wrapping the canister.

ok, my lexx has arrived.

moutning to frame is a stock, at two points.

Did you notice and performance gains with the Lexx? Was thinking of buying one also.

I dont know if it gives more power.

I bought it for the easy option of using the quit core.

The mounted quit core is as loud or loder than my stoch exhaust, I had o use the more trail quit core with the pipe pointing down.

even with that is was almost 96db at sound inspection. (Limit in sweden is 94 db)

just had a sound test at latest race,  Lexx mxe with full race tip and wide open throttle it rate 109,8 dB , Good.

Any videos and/or pics?

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