'00 to '01 Clutch parts upgrade question?

Now that I'm back riding I am able to test the new '01 clutch parts (friction plate, spring plate and seat plate) that I had put in my '00.

It eliminated the grabbiness but I have to run it with zero or even preload (negative freeplay) to get the engagement right.

Yes,I removed the last friction plate.

I have tried it with the stock lever and cable, motion pro cable and stock lever and motion pro and raptor lever. Makes no difference.

Anyone else have this same problem? Do I need new friction plates? It works good but I'm concerned about excess wear due to the constant load on the push rod, etc...



[ November 22, 2001: Message edited by: F-Pilot ]


I tried this on my '00 also. Same problem. The total thickness of the new friction plate and the seat plate were thicker than the '00 friction plate that was removed, I don't remember by how much. I plan to make a new push rod that is longer by whatever the difference was unless I can find one through the dealer. Until I do that, I'm leaving the '01 parts out because zero play can't be good for anything.

F-Pilot you could try a ball bearing under the activating cap and on top of the push rod to add length. If the combination is too long one could grind down the rod for coorect length. Hope this helps because it is much better clutch action with the new parts.


I 've done the same mod to my '00. I've had the same problem when replacing the plates on the clutch, even before I did this mod. The only way I could get the clutch to disengage was to put the adjustment to almost zero play, and then disengagemant still wasn't right. After a ride or two, the problem went away, and the clutch hasn't needed adjustment since. Have you taken it out for a couple of rides since the change?

I also had the clutch hub start to fail (wobble), which caused a similar condition, but that's another issue.....

Yes, I've ridden it a few times, still at 0 freeplay .

You have me worried about the hub, I'll be tearing it down next weekend to check it.

What symptoms does the hub failure start with and what do I check for when I open it up?

The failing hub probably only affects a small percentage of the '00's. If you have it apart anyway, check lockwasher under the nut that holds everything together. It should have two prongs that protrude back into the hub - if these prongs are flattened and the washer is a mess, then the hub is wobbling and rotating on it's splined steel sleeve. If the washer is in bad condition, you'll find that the hub can be wobbled and rotated slighly by hand (without the main shaft turning).

If the washer is in good shape, you haven't been affected by this bug.

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