2013 Wr450 Ride Review

Don't normally do these but when I was looking into this bike I couldn't find that many reviews/comarisons on the 12'/13's. I have a background owning a couple of Yz's in the past, so I had a good idea of what I was getting with this bike but along with the Yz450s most all my other bikes were desert prepped track bikes. I'm 5'10", 170lbs, ride 2strks/4strks with no bias towards one or the other (both have there goods & bads) so my opinion is based on just riding a dirt bike on a trail I could ride with either and have. I also feel there is no perfect all around bike just a compromise, some things you adjust to your preference the others you adapt and live with. This is based in stock form.

Coming off my Husqvarna Wr300 the riding compartment feels very cramped but Husky's have a very open feel to them. Compared to a Yz450 only the bars feel different, like they need to go forward a little so its all in what your already use to. I did roll them pretty far forward to begin with so an offset might be an option. Front end felt very good in the slower rocky stuff, able to change up lines very easily. Faster 3rd gear single track stuff it felt right at home but in the 4th/5th gear sandy wash it was a little nervous. Obviously this can be corrected with a stabilizer but compared to the Yz450, just not quite as stable feeling. Suspension set to stock settings feels very soft, blows through the stroke fast but still seemed to track well (just a little wallowy). Needed to let things break in a little but by the end of the ride I added 3 clicks of compression to the forks and 4 to the rear. I still feel that both ends need more compression for what I ride and rear kicks a little so the rebound will need be to slowed down some. Motor feels really good, smooth, good low end for climbing and descent mid to top to get you hauling down a wash. Obviously everything can be opened up/tuned any which way with the ECU/pipe etc but it comes with a price and you can still get things done in stock form. Starting, I have not experienced any issue's like some others. Bike seems to start 1st or 2nd push of the button in gear. Might be an elevation/humidity thing, don't know, I'm in the desert and seems to work fine for me.

I will be messing with the suspension clickers, trying a Dr. D exhaust and messing with the computer over the next couple weeks and will update my findings. Till then here are a couple of links to the trail I used to break in the bike today. Its actually an older video of me riding my Husky but will give you better a good idea of the type of terrain I ride and the pace at which I ride. I think this will help as some are faster/slower riders and might ride different or similar terrain. Also the guys I ride with both have Yz450's so we were able to swap bikes to compare.

glad u put in words it much better then how i said it very stable at the stearing is loose. stablizer for me. but i agree with what u said pne the one ride i have done so far.

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