'00/'01/'02 WR426 Frame/Swingarm info needed!

Hi guys,

I picked up a 2002 WR426F and it had a few issues I was aware of. I got it cheap so no complaints. The swingarm bearings were crunchy, and the thread end of the pivot bolt was splayed out and there was no nut on it.

So, I went to replace the bolt... I have the dreaded siezed swingarm pivot bolt! Basically I had to cut the bolt with an air hacksaw in order to remove the engine from the frame. But some of the siezed bolt remains in the swingarm, which is keeping the arm attached to the frame (RHS of the frame, the non threaded side.)

basically... its stuck there... nothing will move it! Not even 10 tons of pressure in a press! But... the guy trying to press it out has bent the frame from what I can see....

Apart from that, all else is in serviceable condition. The bike rode well, aside from the few little things I was to fix.

My question is... Looking at the part#'s from Yamaha there are differences in the frames.. but what is the main Q!!

I am considering not even trying to unstick the siezed bolt... at this point in time. I have seen a frame and swingarm combo from either a 2000 or 2001. Just not sure if my A. Engine and B. Triples/forks will bolt up.

I can get it rather cheap and it would be easier to just assemble that than muck around with the old one.

Sorry for the long first post... there is just SO much conflicting info and I reckon TT should have the last word yea or ney!

Cheers Rob.

Edited by Rob219

In short, yes it will fit, they are all the same :thumbsup:

Also a wr400 frame will be the same.

Nice.. love ya work Barra8.

Here is hoping the shipping price is reasonable!

No problems :thumbsup:

Oh and don't forget YZ426, YZ400 as they will fit also. :thumbsup:


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