WR 400 head gasket - timing chain guide

ok so i was rebuilding my engine and got a little ahead of myself and put the cylinder head on before installing the timing chain guide. i quickly realised the mistake and know i f**ked up so no need to point that out.

my questions are :

1) is there a way to get the timing chain guide (not the one that gets bolted on) installed with the cylinder head in place

2) if i have to remove the cylinder head can i reuse the head gasket?

as i said i was rebuiling the engine so the gaskets including the head gasket are all brand new. i still havent completed the engine obviously but the cylinder head was torqued down to spec and i dont know if i can reuse it now

any help would be very much appreciated


Yes, you can reuse the gasket, assuming you are referring to the big rubber piece with lobes adjacent to the cams. It is a good idea to put a tiny bead of gasket sealer under the rounded part though. you do have to remove the timing chain tensioner to get the guide in, but once the chain is loose, it should go right in.

The correct answers are:

1) No.

2) If you torqued it, no.

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