'12/'13 WR450 Frame Guards ?

I have searched but can't find anyone that makes Frame Guards for the '12/'13 WR450 .... anyone know if any are available ??

Hyde racing


Thanks !! Any recommendation which hold up better ? The Hyde ones look more durable.

Just spoke to Hyde Racing ... they are still a month out for Frame Guards for the '12 / '13 WR450 .... just FYI .... Thanks !

Why would you need them?

Why would you need them?

For the select few that are naturally gifted at keeping their bike vertical the whole time they ride, they wouldn't. for the rest of us there is armor.......

I, too, really want the Hyde racing frame guards. And, although Jay at Hyde is super nice, I am losing faith in them. I have called once per month since November. (6 times total) and every time I call, I am told they should be on the next shipment a month later.

In march, I called Hyde in South Africa. They could not provide me with a date and they just referred me to Jay.



Light speed makes carbon fiber frame and rear master cylinder guards for about $100

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