2001 yz426 front sprocket change

I've been thinking of switching from a 14T front drive sprocket to a 13T front sprocket for more usable low end power. I'm new to riding and just rode my friends 2000 yz426f yesterday. His has a weighted flywheel and he put a 13T sprocket on. It seemed to have more manageable power than mine. Like I said, I am new to riding so any advice on this bike in general is welcomed! Thanks!

I just started riding this year, and my 99 yz400f came with 14/52 gearing. I found it a little too tall and went to 13/52 and I love it in the tight stuff. I noticed it killed my top end like crazy though. I would suggest dropping to a 13 if you do a lot of trail riding, and it helps a lot if you're just starting too.

Thanks! I think that's what I'm gonna do

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