2004 YZ450F Issue

I got a 2004 YZ450F. I had to put in a new valve guide and valve in, and have some questions. I did the work myself since I dont trust shops (the reason I had to replace the guide and valve was because a shop screwed it up). I followed the service manual as close as i could. Now for the issues:

1) I noticed some oil on the left side around the head gasket area. Is this ok since it is a new gasket and needs "breaking in"?

2) The manual says torque tensioner bolts to 7.2 ft/lbs, but I couldnt get them there since it seemed like I was tightening it alot. I am worried that I was stripping it out, also I was using a good torque wrench. Any ideas whats going on?

3) What follow up needs done? Do I need to check torque on head bolts and such after a few hours of ride time?

I will probably do any oil change soon, but was curious if there was something else to do.

4) Unrelated but, there is a 1.25 in crack in the right front shock. I bought it like that. Its up high, between the two brackets that hold the shock to the frame. I wont spend $500 for a new shock. Can it be fixed or do I even need to worry about it as long as it doesnt spread?

Figured I would post here to get some advice. Thanks in advance.

P.S. If you know of anything to be concerned about on this model of bike, please mention it.

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