CDI Question

My 01' 426 has had many problems starting since I've had it and the Yamaha service rep wants to send me a ignition from a yz400 they have sitting around. This sounds like a bad idea to me, are they not different?

What do you guys think?

I had a 01'That had the bad cdi and carb. I made the dealer replace them both after the warranty was out. Yamaha knows about the problem make them fix it!!!!!!!!! I have also replaced the entire top end because of an oil pump failure. That I had to eat to the tune of 950.00 in parts the dealer ate the labor. He did all he could.

Make them make it right you spent six grand!!!

Later The Fireman

My 01 426 ran like crap( fouled plugs)the dealer tried a cdi from a new 01 426 with no change. I had them replace mine with a 00 cdi.....haven't fouled a plug in months!

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