Cutting bars

anybody ever cut their bars shorter?I was thinking of cutting1/2-3/4" off the ends to shorten it up,there seems to be a lot extra on the protapers.Bars on the bike are an atv bend,I never measured them but they seem wide to me.

We do it all the time for riding in the woods. I would recommend a pipe cutter over a hacksaw as it makes a cleaner cut. A hacksaw works fine though. As for the actual cutting, do a 1/4 inch at a time. You would be suprised on how much 1/2-3/4 of a inch is!

probably cut the least amount I can with pipe cutter to start.

I always cut my bar ends, they seem far too wide to begin with no matter what brand or bend. I usually cut about 1" from each end (2" total shortening). May seem like a lot but it works great for me. I don't think many people really need to put that much leverage on the forks anyway, so I honestly don't understand why they are made so wide, except maybe to provide room to mount all the clamps and levers and kill buttons and bark busters and whatnot. Just had a thought... maybe bars don't come shorter because it's easier to just cut them down, for those who want them narrow. Those who like them wide can leave 'em wide.

My experience has been that they are indeed somewhat more difficult to widen than to narrow, so I guess I can go along with that.

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