Can I put my '09 WR250X wheels on my new '07 WR450? Newbeee Alert...Wanting to SM this thing

Greetings..I am a NEWBEEE Here but at 49 years old been on bikes all my Life and Now for some crazy reason I am Living in Vietnam for 6 years already. Long way from San Francisco. I just bought a Great condition '07 WR 450f in Cambodia.....Can I just swap my Wheels off my '09 WR250X?? I want to SM my 450 now. I have been thrashing the little 250x up on the Ho Chi Minh Trail near Laos from Da Nang every week for 1.5 years now and the Little thing has had ZERO problems. Very Impressed with my "Commuter" Bike...about 120 k's each way in about 1.5 hrs. I am 6.4" and weigh around the same as a Water Buffalo...about 103 kilos...I am also looking to install a Keyed Ignition switch somehow..I will spend time here looking for different gearing options for this thing due that most of my riding is mountain windy Pavement riding with some hard pack dirt..loose rock and RED Mud riding but that is just at the Mine where I work. Most is all Pavement riding with some straight Distance work too.

Just ordered the Acerbis 3.1 Tank from Brian here at the Thumper store. Could not have been More helpful. Since I was ordering on my cell Phone from Vietnam he even Called me back on their dime to take our time and get the Order right..with Locking cap too.

I will be getting the Bark Busters he recommended for BIG hands like mine and I higher Seat and plenty other options.

I am happy to get any helpful Tips from all of you WR 450 Wizards out there.

Normally I have to Fly to Bangkok in order to get any parts for my WR 250X but hope to do more online shopping here thanks to Brian.

Exhaust recommendations are also welcome..I KNOW...I will be going through the forums.... ; ) I just want it a Little quite then my Akropooper on my 250x...The Local Villagers where I work just do not like it..or they are jealous....

Thanks in Advance for all your help..and for those that have the Smart ass remarks or answers....well..we all know what Kind of Mama You have..or Had ; )

WR Flano.

Flano on His WR 250X Camo Profile Foot up DaNang Vietnam.jpg

Flano on WR 250X Hai Van pass.jpg

Flano On <a href='' rel='nofollow' data-ipsHover-target='' data-ipsHover target='_blank' data-autoLink>Yamaha</a> WR 250 at Monkey Mountain.jpg

Flano Thumbs up Hai Van Pass WR 250x.jpg

Flano WR 250X Hotel Kham Duc.jpg

WR 450f 3:4 shot from Jason at PP Shop.jpg

Flano on his WR450f Cambo.jpg

I have no useful information for you other than .....You should have chosen blue Crocs

to ride in , that's all I wear ....... Oh and &%$#@! Really ?!?! John Deer mud boots ?

LMAO !! I have a size 15 foot.......Not easy to find or order foot wear here in Vietnam. JOhn Deer are my work boots up at the Gold Mine...Steel everything...I will work on getting some proper boots. Here in Vietnam most folks wear just flip flops on bikes. Thanks of the Laugh though. I hear Croc will be offering steel Toes soon ; )

Dude, you must sweat like a hog in all that gear!!!! Awsome, I did your style!!

Keep charging

Typo (dig your style)

Sweating Like a Hog...LMAO!! Ya..when I am not moving it does heat up for sure. Thanks for the nod on my unconventional style. I wear what I got and I am getting more as time goes on. Just got some Body armor. I need all the protection I can get...road hazards up here are Goats...pigs...wild Boar that is..and water Buffalo !! and Dogs...and water Buffalo pile droppings scattered about the tarmac.

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