Coolant Tank?

Hello everyone!

What is the general idea about the coolant tank now?

A while back it was to remove it and get a 1.6 radiator cap and to do a change to or remove the stock thermostat. I'm wondering that people are doing now and finding good results with.

I had boilover a few times when my bike was new but it was only when it was left idleing (also running hot b/c it was lean and was hard to start b/c I hadn't fixed the jetting from when the previous owner had it). After I got the jetting right it was easier to start so I didn't leave it running when it wasn't being ridden!


When I bought my Skidplate from Baja designs they told me I had to remove the catch can b/c it wouldn't fit with their skidplate. They also told me to get the 1.6 radiator cap to keep it from expanding out of the radiator b/c there wasn't a place to catch it! (Enviromentaly friendly I guess).

I guess I'm wondering if that train of thought of what is best still applies?

(I'm at 0-300ft, and all season riding to temp ranges from 30-85)

Should I try to find a way to build or manuver a catch can and put my stock radiator cap and thermostat back in?

What I really need is the thermostat dipstick to get an idea of engine temp and its on my list but hasn't been YET! (hmm. my in-laws are asking for a christmas list...maybe soon)

Just wondering, Thanks in advance


Myself, I would never remove the overflow tank, even if the bike burps just a little coolant, it's lost, not returning back to the coolant system. I also don't like the idea of pumping up the coolant pressure with a rad cap rated for nearly 50% more pressure. I know a lot of guys have done so, but that's a lot of pressure for the radiators & hoses to hold.

By the way, most skidplates alow you to retain the coolant tank...

One of the problems I have with the removal of the overflow tank is that one of its functions is to prevent air from entering your coolant system. After the bike cools back down the expelled coolant is drawn back to the radiator keeping air out.

I like the idea of the high-pressure radiator cap, it makes the coolant system work better, like high compression pistons or big cams or headers, (you get the picture). B.B. Betty has had one for two seasons and had no problems.

If there was some kind of rubber bladder that would be used to replace the coolent tank I would try it. Something tough that would exspand. There would be no loss and it would push the coolent back in. Not exspanded with coolent and no air it would start exspanding .9 bars,expanded to 40mm would be about 1.6 and 60mm would be 2.0 and your in trouble. Just a thought. ;o) :)

Boy - all them bars :)

When the bike cools off the coolant is drawn back in by vacuum. No need to push it back.

I just through that in; sense, it would be like a long balloon. No tank and no over flow. kinda like a secound variable cap. Run the 1.1 as it gets hot the over flow would go into the balloon. Mount it on the back side of the frames down tube. Just a thought. :)

I have this vision of a red balloon thing that keeps growing as the bike works harder :D

I'd have to change her name to Ben or Bubba

:) - thats not my thumb

The old red pleated &%$#@! came to mind, you wouldn't need to change the name. Haven't seen one sence the early 70's. A little to soft would get to be a foot by the end of a good ride. Could put it up on the bars to watch it grow! Be a good tempeture guage. :)

I love it! From now on that is "Betty's &%$#@!"

The problem with a closed system is when the radiator boils over you have steam. That steam can blow the crap out of a closed system and cause bad burns.

IMHO I would keep the over flow tank. Because when you do boil over you'll have to replace that lost water with something. Water can be a problem in the desert, I'm drinking mine.

Don't say that to loud! She has been good to you! Once you get these Oinkers mad, they can through you, then turn and rip you to pieces. If it's a female squealer and she spotting, PMS stets in and your finnished! :) How do you sex a BRP anyways? :D

Very carefully,be gentle.

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