WR450 Exhaust on a YZ450 ??

I am going to do a little woods riding with my 2003 YZ450F and wondered if a stock exhaust from a WR450 would fit. I figured I better make sure it will fit before I try to find one to buy. Thanks

Yes it will fit. Same header also.

I just went the other way on my WR . Put a YZ muffler on my WR so I would think it would. The WR muffler hard bolts to the subframe. No rubber bushing like on the YZ. Other than that the bolt layout is the same (at least on the WR). I also just picked up a stock '01 WR exhaust in like new condition on Ebay for $80 for my dual sport. They're out there to be had just gotta keep a sharp eye. If you run the stock WR exhaust get a GYT or one of the other aftermarket inserts as the stock one is a joke (my lawnmower has a bigger exhaust :))

PBDBLUE did you notice any performance gains using the YZ pipe??

I actually just put it on so I haven't had a chance to ride it yet. I did have to fatten up the pilot and raise the needle 1 clip because it was popping out the exhaust after I put it on which I guess is an indication it breathes better. I did it mainly for the weight savings (3+ lbs) and am hoping that there will be some performance gain as well.

I also put the yz exhuast on my wr 450 and it really woke up the bike. A lot louder but it made the midrange hit harder and also it would pull harder in the high rpms. :)

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