Engine swap

I need to find out if a yz450f 2006 motor will fit in a yz450f 2005 frame.

No it wont unfortunantly , the 2005 model has a steel frame and the 2006 was the start of the aluminum frame, wich are compleatly different.

The rear and lower hard points line up, but because the cylinder on the '06-'09 is more upright, I think you'd run into some serious carb clearance problems.

The reason for the question is I want some more grunt out of my bike like a big bore kit and stroker kit which goes in 06 model but not 05.

Well there are big bores for the 05 and Falicon in Florida still lists stroker cranks for the 05s as well

Luke's Racing will build your existing cylinder (or exchange it) into a 478. Piston availability is no problem. Stay with the '05 engine.

BTW, if you are running the stock ignition on an '05, you can get a massive improvement in low end grunt by using either an '04 or an '06 CDI. The '04 will produce the bigger low/mid hit, while the '06 will rev better, but either will improve the performance of the stock unit.

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