woodruff key lead to cracked case?

Ok so I'm really confused... I picked up my 03 in September and my woodruff key sheared in 2 weeks my dealership fixed it under Yamaha's recall... but my bike has been a really PIA to start cold, the electric start is a joke until the bike has warmed up I chalked it up to the jetting (so it's at the dealer right now for that) but this whole starter thing it new, The Service MGR at my dealership says the starters are POS's to start with and aren't big enough for such a big engine, something to the effect they come from a 90CC engine where as the YZF450 Quad with the same engine received the starter from the 660raptor. So can some one get me up to speed here? :)

How much did this cost to get it fixed? That's exactly what happened to my bike! Did yamaha fix it? Email me the details at actonkarate@earthlink.net thanks, Frank


Abandon good ship BLUE. Look to horizon for

good ship ORANGE LOLLYPOP. Board as soon possible !!!!

Your Friend RED RIDER :):D

Hey Dave,

I can't abandon the best off road four stroke bike on the market! :D :D :D :D Even with the design flaws. This bike is worth spending the money on the 04 starter gear retrofit. How are you doing with your new Honda CR250 two stoke? :D I dont like the KTM ride as much as the Yamaha. :)

If you mean fix the cracked case behind the kick starter,It was $50.00 to have a friend weld the case and $80.00 in parts from yamaha.It's amazing how much they can charge for a kick start stop,i think just the stop cost $57.00.

As for the cracked side case cover and messed up idler gear shaft,my local dealer is helping me out with the parts .I called customer service for yamaha corp and they said sorry but you bought a race bike with a 30 day warranty.This is wear they get out of it,they won't even sell you the parts at a discount because they don't sell to the public.And they can't make a dealer fix you're bike because the dealers are all owned independently!!!!!!

But my dealer ordered all the parts for the 04 fix for 50% off,but the only way i even got that is because i know the service manager pretty well :)

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