carburetor 2000 wr400

well after having my carb rebuilt twice it still didn't do right it would run ok when picked it up and progressively get worse over 30-45 days until would no longer start and if it does it runs really lean,(all my fault I left the gas in it that winter). So I gave up on the bike shop rebuilding it and we tried it, we got it clean but we took the adapter off the bottom of the carb and now find out gaskets are not available at least the ones I need. ANy suggestions, what carb can I use anyone got a used one, etc. Yamaha wants 2200.00 for a new one, not happening, found a replacement for 620.00 can't afford. any ideas guys.

Look on ebay.

Usually someone wrecking a 400 or 426.

Should be able to get a reconditioned one for $350.

Or look into getting an edelbrock (lot simpler carb). Many have done this option in 400's.

Also you could get one of these:

The gen1 Keihin carb is a piece of shit compared to the gen2 or three.

Find a gen two from a YZ426, WR426, RMZ 450, or the gen3 from a YZ450, WR450. You won't be disappointed :thumbsup:

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