Value of the 10-13 YZ 450 in the future

I own a fairly new 12 YZ 450 and with the minor mods (engine relocate, Yosh slip on and programmer) I can honestly say that I love pretty much everything about the late model YZ. I ride primarily off road and don't have the skill level of a top pro so perhaps I don't push my bike beyond its design limit but after riding and owning dirt bike for the past 30 years I believe it to be a well made and very capable machine with some of the finest suspension stock that I have had the pleasure to experience.

With that being said, what do you think the 10-13 YZ450 will fare in 3-5 years once it becomes a "used" dirt bike. Will it become the white elephant that no one will touch, will people even remember or care all the negative press the bike undervedly received by the press. I dig my bike and once I get my throttle body back from injectioneering I expect that I will love it.

Your thoughts?

I think that it will suffer the same fate that any motocross bike faces as it gets older, the resale will drop off quickly and then steady out after a few years. In 5 years or so it will probably be worth $2200-2500 in good condition. This generation of YZ450 really doesn't have any major issues other than one pro that bad mouthed it and a bunch of people who had never ridden one jumping on the band wagon.

I look at it this way. The 2004 KX250F had major design flaws and was a money pit all around. I still see those selling for $1600 even though they are almost 10 years old now.

I own a 2008 Aprilia RXV 550 and a 2011 YZ450F. There's no way I could lose more value on the YZ than I've already lost on the RXV. Different demons, but a bad reputation. When I throw a leg over either one it is ear to ear grins. That is good enough for me. I don't buy dirtbikes looking to make money. When I buy a bike that money is gone. It repays me a little when I ride. If/when I sell one I get a bit more money back, but I don't worry about it. The money rarely feels like enough and often feels like I just lost a good friend. That is until I come home with the new bigger, better deal.

The value of the 10-13 yz450's is already falling faster than other 450's because of the unwarranted bad reputation it recieved. This is one of the reasons I jumped on a 2011 which was like new for very good price. I love mine and have it setup perfect for me, so I don't plan on selling it for a long time.

I don't get a new bike very often so when my KTM 380 needed some cylinder work, my wife presented me with the option of getting a new bike instead of throwing money away on my "old bike" so I ran with it. The dealer I purchased from had a new 11KX450, the 12 YZ450 and an 11 CRF450 so I had choices in my purchase and did my research. I knew the stigma of the bike before hand but promise of fantastic suspension and reliability swayed me to the YZ over the others. I have no regrets.

I'm in my mid 40's and this bike could last me for a long time, that is unless someone gets serious about two stroke technology above the 300cc range. Then I may have to reconsider.

I don't think it will be much different from other 450s. While the YZ450 has the stigma of bad handling, it also is renowned for its reliability and suspension. Kawasaki and Suzuki have the stigma of bad reliability, the KTM has stigma of expensive parts, and the Honda (09-12) has the stigma of being hard to set up. I think it all evens out in the end. I have no plans to sell my 10 450 because with a little work, its a fantastic reliable bike.

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