injury at Thundercross today

Was anyone at Thundercross today (Saturday)? Someone fell over a double and was airlifted to the hospital. The last that I heard he was in and out of conceniousness and they weren't sure who exactly he was. I just wanted to know if anyone knew this person and were they OK in the end?

This brings up another question. When I go to the track alone I put my med card and a list of phone numbers in the pocket of my shorts under my riding pants in case something like this happens to me. However I don't think that they were checking for pants pockets under his riding gear and at least initially he was unable to speak. What do you all think the best way to carry ID is when you visit the track alone? Maybe an ID bracelet or dog tags?

Blood type on the helmet is fairly common.

Thumpy: I don't think any type of chain on your body is a good idea.It could turn a minor getoff into a more serious injury.I will never ride with my watch on again.


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