Need help identifying these camshafts!

Picked up a used '08 engine for a bike i'm putting together and i'm not sure what the camshafts are. The engine has pro mx/sx racing background and I don't plan on using these cams but still interested in the make of them. I measured the lift and recorded the writing on them to see if anyone knows who may produce them.

Intake cam: 9.65mm lift, markings are 9110INT Q8814-09

Exhaust Cam: 9.13mm lift, markings are 9112EXH Q8819-09

I have not put a degree wheel on them yet to measure lobe center lines or duration. These cams are also not welded/reground from stock cores, several noticeable manufacturing differences between all 03-09 cams I have on the shelf. Story is the engine was last used in the '09 Pro mx outdoor season for a well known race team. Seems with such high lift and peaky lobes they will not be ideal for top end breather cams that I would need.

Thanks for any insight.

I'd suggest either just graphing out the whole cam profile with a degree wheel, or Googling the big name cam grinders to see if you find those PN's in their listings.

I have checked with all major makers of cams- no luck. The cams came from a JGR motor, and I checked with dan crower to see if he built them and he did not...he currently does alot of cam work for them as far as i know.

So, whip out the degree wheel and build your own grind card. Remember to use .030" to .050" as the point you call the opening or closing.

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