pogo on bumpy straits

I have a suspension question. On fast bumpy straits I sometimes have a real problem keeping the bike pointed strait. I go strait, but the back wheel is dancing around like crazy and sometimes the head starts to shake because of it (not a fun combination). This usually happens near the top of 3rd gear both under acceleration and while coasting (I usually don't get any higher than 3rd gear). I'm 160# and the suspension is stock except that I'm about 1/4 turn out on the back high speed damping and a couple clicks softer on rear low speed and front compression. Rebound is stock on both ends. I initially set the sag at about 90mm but haven't checked it lately. All other situations the suspension is great, just gives me a hard time on bumpy straits. Thanks for any tips!

It could be a number of things. First try setting your sag closer to 100mm. You are kinda light even for stock suspension. Try softening the high speed to 2-3 turns out also, 1/4 turn is pretty stiff for 160lb. Also mess with the rear rebound a couple clicks at a time and see if it helps. Depending on what is happening it is either too slow and packing (deflecting) off hits before it can recover, or too fast which would give you that pogo feeling you love so much. Check your fork hieght also, they should be only 5-10mm from the top of the tripleclamp.


sounds as if you are in the same situation as me.

I doubt you are packing the suspension but you could be.

More likely your rebound is too quick! I have slowed mine down significantly but still working on perfection with it. It helped tremendously. I have the stock spring on the back but with a Race-Tech gold valve kit in the shock. I am at 150lbs w/o gear . so we are about the same.

Another tip my suspension guy told me is that 99 times out of 100 that head shake starts at the rear of the bike. Most ppl start scrwing around w/the front end and end up totally messing the entire susp up!

Try a couple of clicks at a time and only ONE end at a time but start with the REAR! Scribble it down on a pad in your gear bag to keep track of the results. Pain in the A but well worth it!


G4 :)

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