650L vs. xr600 tank interchangeability?

Will the metal 650L tank bolt up directly to the XR50 bike without any modifications?

I think the XR650L will fit an XR600. If I remember right the XR650L has a bigger hump to clear so the tank has a wider opening. You can't use a 600 tank on a 650. :)

Thanks. The reason I'm asking, is that I was considering making my XR600 into a supermotard street bike, and you can't really keep a decal on a plastic tank. I was wondering about the bolt-up situation, it looks like a different mounting system for the L?

NO . The tanks are not interchangeable.The front mount on the "l" mounts to studs and rubber bushings on the frame backbone.On the "R" it bolts on at the lower front portion of the tank.We tried it in May(?)when my buddy and i ran his 650L in the six-hour event at GlenHelen.We ended up running a stock steel tank. :)

Thanks Motochris I wasn't 100% sure myself.

Thanks for me too!

Actually the frames are almost identical ,but for the forward mount.You could probably fab some foward mount. :)

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