Trying to make sense of the YZ426 lighting threads...


I'm gonna bump this old thread, because it's more or less my same exact problem. I understand that the reason for floating the dc ground is because the Cdi is grounded to the frame using ac power and you can't mix an ac ground with a dc ground. I just bought the bike so I don't know much about the kit but what I do know is this, there is a Baja designs stator installed on my bike, which has a separate set of wires coming out of it than the bikes stock loom. The Baja stator loom has three wires, red/pinkish and two yellow/whitish colored wires. I'm assuming the yellows are different legs of lighting power and the pink is the ground? So how do I ground the reg/rect specifically? It only has one leg of the lighting, one yellow, hooked up to the reg / rect. The lights work great when I charge the battery with a tender, but the battery isnt being charged and dies after 10-15 mins. So I'm thinking it's the reg/rect not being grounded. Any replies help thanks

Sounds like you have an eline kit on it. Typically to use the eline kit you would use the red and yellow to feed the rectifier. If you are just using one yellow there is not a complete circuit. Lots of misconceptions about floating the ground. It has nothing to do with the AC and DC circuits and ignition sharing the same ground, they can. Floating the ground only refers to bringing the grounded end of the light coil into the rectifier/regulator.

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