Leftover 2011, thoughts

I have found a leftover 2011 for 5700 otd, I have never thought of buying a 450 before.

About me

195 lbs

Slow c vet rider, strictly mx

Currently on an 09 yz250f, my only complaint is the handling, I have no trust in the front end

I would take about a thousand dollar loss on the 250f, I am fine w that as long as I like the 450f, but I can't afford to take another big Los if I don't like the 450.

Any thoughts pro or con?

My 12' is the best handling bike I've ever ridden

I love my 2011.

Handling - easy and precise, just spend the time to set it up correctly.

Power - dial up a map that suits you , mild or wild the choice is yours.

Reliability - it's a Yamaha !

I doubt you'll be disappointed :-)

Sounds like a good deal, and others have said you will probably like it, but... I've seen several brand-new 2013 YZ450Fs going for $6500 around here. No guarantee you will like the 2013s either, just some food for thought.

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You will love the suspension and the power. If the power is too gnarly you can easily tune it to your liking.

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