white marks in blue plastic

hi guys just a quick question ,does any body know how to get the white strees marks out odd the plastic on my bike if at all,im tidying my 2000 yz426 up to sell and wont to try and get it to look as sharp as possable

cheers wnut426


you can use heat gun to heat up the marks

that should remove them. but be careful not

to get it too hot! works pretty good but will return if stressed again. let me know how it goes.

CALL YAMAHA...GRAPHICS AND PLASTICS SUCK!!!That is the truth. But I ride with white fenders and when you fall you can't see the white in the blue bend!!!

Heat gun works awesome!!

Along these same lines, what do you all do about the little scratches that come from encounters with trees and such...little ones and they are usually whiteish also...I think I remember someone saying that you can wet sand them out...anyone with experience here?



The heat gun (hairdryer) works great to remove the white marks. The scratches - buy new fenders. That is so much easier.




Deep marks and scratches can be smoothed using a collection of sandpapers.

For a shiny look, I take a torch and lightly go over the plastic. This burns away any fine marks, and melts the plastic to a smooth finish.

However, it takes some getting used to. Perhaps a good heat gun may work better so to avoid any soot from getting into the plastic.

And some silicon spray afterwards makes it ultra shiny.

Practice on some old stuff first if you can.

BTW - This works on most colored plastics, but for some reason not on white.


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