replacement CDI, any suggestions?

Hey Fellas,

I am looking to POSSIBLY swap out my CDI, I think mine may be bad.

I see the Vortex being used, but does anyone have anything on FMF's AOF ignition? They are on sale @ for ~$220.00, normally $500.00.

Since I went to YZ timing (exhaust valve), I was wondering if I should go w/ the YZ400 ignition or the WR ignition? I e-mailed FMF Tech twice w/ zero response. Any ideas on this matter as well?

Thanks Guys!!


BTW, I DID race MX for many years, AMA Dist 23 (MN) 'A' Class - 250/Open, AMA Dist 6 (Eastern PA)'A' Class - Veteran and Ocala, FL once. I had to quit because I was beating the crap out of my knees!

There has been much discussion about cdi's and what not here on TT. I posted a question last week about how our area Yamaha rep wants to swap my cdi for a yz400 one that he had kicking around. I'm not sure if that's a good idea (are they the same from year to year?).

My bike (bk mod included) runs incredible for sometimes 2 - 4 rides but the very next ride it will not fire up. All it needs is a new plug and it lights up first kick. Other than the ten plugs I've used up, this bike runs incredible.

Is there a difference between a yz400 & 426 cdi?


According to FMF, they are different as seen by the differing item #'s...

For what it's worth.

I emailed FMF about a pipe end cap and it took two separate emails and about 2 weeks after I sent the second one for them to respond. Then I got two separate emails from them!! It's like they don't even know who's been talking to who. I've heard that people who call get quicker answers to their questions.

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