99 400f clutch adjustment question

i just put a new clutch and cable on. shouldn't there be a lot of adjustment on the engine side? i had to adjust it almost all the way out to make it work right. is there some way to adjust the arm or something?

There are two clutch levers - the lever on the handlebar and the lever on the engine case, which the Yamaha parts microfiche calls the "push lever comp."

I don't think there's any way to adjust the lever on the engine case, and you shouldn't have to because there's an adjustment at both ends of the clutch cable. I recommend screwing in the adjuster most of the way on the handlebar lever so it's pretty close to bottomed out, and lock it with the textured nut. Then adjust the cable at the engine case adjuster (the parts fiche calls it the "holder, clutch cable") so that there's maybe 1/2 inch of play at the end of the handlebar lever, and tighten the hex nuts on the "holder." There should always be a small amount of free play in the clutch cable when the lever is released. (The manual will indicate a specific amount of freeplay at the end of the clutch lever.) With this setup, you won't have to mess with the "holder" again and you can do all your future clutch cable adjustment from the handlebar lever because that adjuster is all the way in -- usually the cable needs tightening as the clutch wears, so when it does, just screw it out a turn, lock it, and check the free play again.

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usually the cable needs tightening as the clutch wears, ...

That's backwards. As the clutch wears, the stack gets thinner, so the pressure plate moves closer to the release arm, so the free play gets smaller, not larger. Allow for it.

ok so if i'm understanding this right, having to adjust the cable almost all the way out on the engine side is fairly normal? there's still probably half or more adjustment on the bar side left, does this sound right?

That should be fine, since you'll have to run it back in as the clutch wears to maintain proper free play.

ok good. thanks for the help guys!

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