Converting a YZ426 to a WR?

I have an 02 YZ426 with a very badly damaged head. It's going to cost a bundle to fix, and I still owe over 4k. I've been considering buying a steet bike for quik trips around town, and figured the best solution might be to convert my YZ into a dual sport. I would hate to fix this bike just to turn around and sell it for a loss. It is a bit heavy for me on the track and trails, however the wieght would be easy to live with knowing that it could have it's advantages on the road. Are there any conversion kits available?

A kid at the local shop is tryin to sell me a light kit for my 426 that he didn't put on his bike. What happned to your head

I was away from a shop for a year, and didn't change my oil. The timing chain started making some noise, and clued me into the fact that my oil filter was clogged. I thought that I corrected the problem by changing the oil and replacing the timing chain. Put it all back together and it ran great for about 1 1/2 hours, then I heard the sound of the timing chain slipping over the crank gear. Took the head off and discovered that 4 of my valves didn't make it out of the way of the piston in time. Learned my lesson!

Dude Contact

I bet they can save your head. They fixed my head for like $100 after I burned the cam journals out.

I may be able to help you out with a homemade dual sport kit. I may be getting rid of my street legal yz400 this spring for a new wr250. I may part out the dual sport stuff. Let me know if your interested.

wr stator/flywheel

acerbis blitz headlight

ufo tailight

voltage regular

All you would need is a brake pressure switch, horn, and mirror.

Granted this may not be enough stuff to get your bike legal in your state. It got me legal in Michigan.

Hey man , I'm interested in your light kit. Have you thought about an asking price? How did you damage your head? My e-mail address is

How are you going to get the front brake to swith on the brake lights? Are you going to use a pressure sw. The rear is simple, but I'm trying to figure out what I can use for the front.

Are there switches from other bikes we could use? :)

I dont have a switch on the front brake. Only on the back brake. That is all that is required in Michigan.

Its gonna be a spell b4 I take the stuff off my yz. I wont get my wr250 till late Febuary. Till then my yz stays as is. If you can wait till spring I will probably sell the stuff. I dont know about a price yet. I'll have to think about it.

How did you damage your head?

being stupid..... :D Not to self... must use 1/4" drive torque wrench on cam caps next time. :D :D :)

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