2008 yz450f suspension

I've had my 08 yz450f for just over 2 years now. I have gradually done things to make the bike setup for myself.

This past winter I changed the springs out for the next size up for my weight. I'm about 200 lbs in street gear. After riding, I really like the new setup. So, I'm wondering, should I revolve my suspension? Is there something better that I might be missing with the stock valving. I pretty much just ride motocross.

I have been rebuilding my suspension for years, so I have some of the knowledge to revolve it myself.

I was looking into pro actions do it yourself kits, which is basically paying less for the same thing they would do. Or do I just reshim it myself?

Any suggestions?

I've had really good luck with race tech stuff on a previous yz250 I had before I bought the 450 I currently have. I'm pretty impressed with the stock kayaba suspension, but if I felt the need to upgrade I would go back with race tech in a heartbeat. Like you, I do my own suspension work and always have and comparing stock valving to the race tech gold valves was pretty eye opening. Just my 2 cents worth.

I too am very impressed with the stock KYB, but am just wondering if I can make it feel any better by revalving it. I don't have a problem with racetech, but I like to keep my suspension local and pro action headquarters happens to be local. I have also used pro action for about 10 years and have never had any complaints. I will look into Racetech tomorrow.

Normally you re-valve to address your complaints with the suspension. What are your complaints? You need to figure out what you don't like so you can address and fix it. What kind of riding do you do? MX or woods riding? You can re-valve yourself. I just finished my 07 suspension for woods riding and really like it. My problem was too stiff especially on accel/braking bumps roots rocks and logs. That is a common complaint with 06 and up SSS suspension.

There are a couple routes for DIY re-valing The first option-You only need the shims you want to change, you don't need the kits from either pro action or race tech gold valves. For this option you must have good knowledge base of valving and how to address your concerns. Also you can Find your complaints or what you want to change. Take apart your forks, measure your current valving and post it in the Suspension forum. People will help you out, you just have to do the work.

Second option, if you are unsure how to alter valving for the changes you need. then you can buy a DIY kit from pro-action Smart performance-highly recommended. or the race tech gold valve route. These companies look at your current suspension problem and use there knowledge to alter your shim stacks, then send you the shims you need. Therefore you are using there knowledge and your labor to install them.

Many ways to do it, with the same result. Overall-If you cant find a problem with your stock suspension. , then save your money for something else.

The one problem I had was it felt kind of harsh on larger landings and also in choppy stuff. Last week I ordered pro action's revolve kit and installed it. I got to test it out a little bit last night at a local track and it felt incredibly better. After a couple hours of riding I was beginning to feel more confident than ever. There was a triple going into a corner that I was overshooting, so at one point I tried to slow it up a bit and came up a bit short. My suspension soaked it up like it was nothing. Also, I was able to really hammer the choppy sections of the track.

Im really happy with the pro action setup. The track was a little slimy due to all the rain we had this week, so I can't wait to get out and do more testing under normal conditions.

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