Thinking of buying a WR450F, advice?

Thinking of a WR450F as my dual sport, rides where I can hit payment to dirt and then pavement again. I guess like a dual sport but more dirt than anything like a Barstow to Vegas ride even a house to trail and back. 70 dirt/30 pavement. What year? Tips? Advice? What to look for on a WR?

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04 and newer is a safe bet. 03s had their issues. I had an 03, I took care of the issues but ended up with an 09 with a title to get it street legal. In 07 they went to the aluminum frame. The steel frame bikes will be cheaper.

If you plan to ride at night, the headlight on the steel frame bikes takes an H4 bulb, plenty bright with an automotive bulb. Stock headlight on the aluminum frame bikes takes an H6M. No chance of getting enough light to ride comfortably at night without an HID upgrade, or complete headlight setup.

Stock gearing on my 09 tops out at 85 per the speedo. I was lucky enough to get a completely stock 09 with just over 100 miles on it. Picked up the Yamaha AIS removal kit, Flatland racing radiator guards and bark busters. The Flatland racing rad guards are the best out.

The motor was redesigned in 07 and has a bit more power from my experience. My 09 is currently stock aside from the free mods and the AIS removal kit. Great power and very quiet. There are no changes between 07 and 11 except the "bold new graphics"

They are a very solid and dependable bike. No real issues that I know of to look for beyond the 03's besides the typical maintenance. You will not be disappointed with any year, which is what I have heard time and again when I was researching.

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