Flat Slide Carb vs. Needle Positioning

Hi post, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Mikuni or Keihin Flat Slide Carbs? I've been told that they really add some kick. Can anyone give me any info? How does this compare to fiddling with the needle positioning? At what range does it add power? Low end torque, mid, high?

Pumper carboretors make a big difference in responce. I have been told you have to be careful when getting a flat slide for the "L" that most do not come with the pump. If your looking for the difference that you can feal get a pumper. I have a Mikuni on my XR650R and don't listen to the nay sayers, there is a difference. Was worth the money for me but, I got mine off ebay for $226. The Eldelbrock is the easiest to tune if you start with the right neadle. The Mikuni has the best price for performence (you realy have to know carboretors to set it up) and the FRC is the best but, have no Idea of there use on the XR650L.





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