Poorly stuffed silencer, bad for the engine?

I was just wondering if it somehow would hurt the engine if the silencer is not properly stuffed or if all the stuffing blows out of the exhaust. My silencer is wasted (made out of fibreglass). It won't seal properly to the rest of the exhaust, there's some leaking at the end cap.

Despite the bike being loud and maybe lose performance, will I somehow do damage to the engine if I ride it for just a few hours?

I will of course buy a new one, but until then. The bike's a 450F 2006.

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Badly drawn picture of the problem:


No threads left in the bolt holes, and as said, it does not fit good against part #2 in the drawing due to wear.

And, also another question. Is #3 on the drawing usually 40mm in outer diameter? Mine is 55mm.

Grayracer513? Anyone?

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I don't think it will hurt anything...maybe your ears!

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I think it will be fine. I know a lot of vehicles are ran straight piped with no mufflers/baffles. You'll probly experience some backfire due to having more airflow.

My dad says its hard on the valves when running straight pipes, but I've never ran into any issues

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