Top end parts

Well guy's,looks like its time for a top end.

I finally lost some compression so I figured its about time to change the top end, I have a 2001 model with 400 hours plus on it, I guess thats not to bad considering the hours........there aint a 2-stroke that will log that many on the same top end.

I tore it down today and looks pretty good, its just a little out of tolerence.

Where is the best and quickest place to get Top end parts........Piston, cylinder, ect.

Thanks, Jason



On previous bikes, I have had good luck ordering directly from White Brothers. Most the time they have the parts in stock and they get to my house in 5 days (via UPS ground)! I have had better luck with JE pistons rather than Wiseco (Eric Gorr/Rich Rohrich and others techies over on were talking about the differences between pistons awhile ago, fairly interesting read) Good luck on your new top isnt too hard on a 4 stroke just time consuming! I am sure I will need a top end soon! I have to adjust my valves in the next week, before I ride again!

Did you do a compression test? If so what did it read? Later,


I have had great luck with both Montclair Yamaha & North County Yamaha (both in CA), both seem to do quite a bit of mail-order business and in my experience have better inventory than Powersports Pro ( and comparable prices, but of course this will depend on the part. I live in El Paso and typically get stuff on Wed or Thur if I order on Mon. I’ve had two fairly large orders from NCY (over five hun) and recvd discounts both times.

Although if you are fortunate enough to have a competent local dealer it will be more convenient to go that route, especially if you or they don’t get all the correct parts initially.

Montclair Yamaha: 800-743-3926

NCY: 800-225-1629

Hope this helps.

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