Bad Mojo is...

Bad Mojo is...

...breaking your wrist riding your dirt bike, then having your doctor break BOTH his wrists two weekends later riding HIS dirt bike.

So I guess I’ll be needing a new doctor.

He is a very good rider too, but riders of all skill levels can get hurt. Haven’t talked to him, but he apparently hit a wash-out that he didn’t know was there.

The doctor I goto rides 4 wheelers. I always give him a hard time for riding 4 wheelers LOL...and his response is, "Im not the one coming in here with broken bone(s) am I?" He says 4 wheeels are safer and better than 2 but we all know the real truth! :) Later,


[ November 25, 2001: Message edited by: motoman393 ]

One of the local riding guys is a ER Dr. so when we first meet him we were like what hospital do you work at. As we would rather visit him than the judgemental ones everywhere else. LOL

And the second good thing about him is that he rides a YZ-250F. LOL instead of him taking all of your cash, you know you have something in common other than office visits!!!!!


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