2001 Yz 426 street legal conversion

So I just recently scored an 01yz 426 with very little riding Time on it. So little that I had to clean carb and jets due to them clogging up from it not being ridden... My next plans for it are to turn it into a supermoto. I have read a few threads on this and I am confused as to the best way to go about it.

I understand I will need a wr 450/426 stator and flywheel I believe, but what after this... My plans are to install a battery in the air box and from the battery I will use that to power the headlight/ taillight/ blinkers/ and vapor speedometer cluster.

My question is from stator to battery what will I need to buy. I really just want to be able to get enough power from the bike to the battery so that It will maintain a charge. Any advice on this would be great. Also if you could explain why I need certain parts that would be helpful. I like to get a better understanding of what does what that way when I have issues I can diagnose them and make the repairs

Unless you use a WR ignition box, you will need to modify the stator. The battery will require a rectifier to convert the AC produced to DC, and a voltage regulator. These two functions are often combined in a single component.


The topic has been posted an number of times. Search for more info.

Actually after further investigation I see mine is actually a wr model that someone took all of the lights off of and made it more of a yz... I even ran the VIN # to confirm this and sure enough its a wr426f... But I see they just tucked all or the old wiring up along the frame, so now it's just a matter of chasing down the wiring, hooking up a battery, and ordering new parts.

Gonna take a bit more than that. The stock lighting system is powered by AC current. Not DC as your battery will require. It has been a learning experience for me but all in all pretty easy.

I have a 99 yz400f and purchased a complete used wiring harness, switches, stator, electronic box, and flywheel off a 99 WR 400 f. I would like to be able to have a headlight and tail light but would prefer to not have a battery. Do I actually need to change my wiring to the WR harness? After reading this thread, I'm thinking that I don't??? If I use the WR stator, flywheel and switches will I need to change the electronic box to the WR? Will I need a rectifier or regulator? I realize that some of these questions may be obvious to some, but I'm a little unclear on it and don't want to fry my system. Thanks in advance of any advice....

If you have a WR stator, it can be made to work with your YZ CDI, and with the OE regulator no battery is needed. The lights will operate only when engine is running and at idle will be less then ideal. The wiring harness need not be swapped. It all depends on how in depth you wish to go with it. A switch isnt even really needed if you dont care to shut off the light.

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