Paddle Tire for 426?

I need some advice from those who have experience riding a 426 in the dunes. What brand/size/paddle count worked best for you. I have never ridden in the sand with a paddle and I understand that paddle selection is fairly important.

Did you increase the mainjet size? Did the bike ping using the stock jetting?

Thanks in advance.

Speed Racer

I run an 8 paddle Turbo from Kings tire and also a front ribbed tire in the sand, very good combo. Went with the stock jetting and I put a K&N filter with an Outerwears, you can use a Filterskin if you want to use your stock filter.

I went thru my stock rear sprocket after just a few rides and switched to a steel one, which is half the price and twice the weight of the aluminum one.

Wash your bike well after riding in the sand and pay more attention to the areas that need greasing, you will have to do it more frequently, the sand is very destructive to bearings.

You will love your 426 in the sand, not a 2stoke bike out there will touch you.

I would add to SMP's setup, make sure you have an extra-long chain. The paddle tire will expand under power from centrifugal force and tear your mud-flap up. If the tire tears at the flap, it could crack your airbox. The last time I mounted a paddle, I thought I had plenty of clearance only to tear my mud-flap to bits. But, I had fun destroying it!


i use an 8 paddle "skat trac"...some say it fits better than the dheng shin but i dont see any difference except the skat track is $20 more. just run the stock flap and let it get tore up and buy a new one later....

How do you prevent the sand from getting into the rear shock?

They make a rear shock cover for dirtbikes, I beleive it is made by Outerwears, your dealer should be able to order it for you.

YUP! The outerwears work real good!

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