Yz 426f 2000 or a 2001

I recently bought a yz426f for a good price. The bike is running great but, the seller said it was a 2001, just to be safe I checked the VIN today it says it's a 2000 yz 426f im hoping it's wrong, but suspect that the VIN check was right.

My question to y'all is if there is there any kind of difference in parts from the 2000 to the 2001 that I would be able to for sure distinguish the years, they both look exactly the same

Thanks for the help.

The differences are fairly few, but two that I know of are internal engine parts. The 2000 has stainless valves, while the '01 had titanium, and the clutch basket on the 2000 uses a different torsional cushioning assembly within the driven gear.

Thanks for the help, I will check it out.

I have a 2000 yz 426. I noticed that the clutch was very grabby off the line. It did not slip much, just kinda wanted to take off. Not very conducive to more technical rides. My friend has an 01' and his did not function the same. I had to do a mod by adding parts from a 01'/02'. If it has not been modified, you will notice that "grab" distinctively. That may be an easy way to help determine its age. If it turns out to be a grabby 00', there is a link on here that can send you right to how it can be corrected.


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