Clutch Grab?!

Once and a while I'll notice the clutch will rapidly engage as I am letting out the clutch lever, as opposed to having it engage simultaneously as I let out the clutch lever. It seems to be getting stuck on something and then it will break lose and jump into gear. Does this mean the clutch needs to be replaced?

I don't know what year your bike is our how many hours are on the clutch, but the easiest way to know for sure is to pull it apart and check. It sounds like the basket is worn bad and the plates are getting caught up on the grooves. In which case I hope you've got a full piggy bank...

If your's is an '00 they have a problem with the inner plate sticking to the hub. Mine was grabby from day one.

The '01 has 3 new parts to replace the inner friction plate that eliminate this problem. I recently changed mine to the '01 parts but am having trouble geting any freeplay with the clutch adjusted right.

I have an 00' 426, clutch was grabby from day one also. So I opted for a Hinson outer basket. Completely smooth engagement, no lurching waiting for the gate to drop, never chatters at all. I havent put the 01' parts in there, but if that works, its alot cheaper than a new basket!!!

My '00 426 started getting grabby - when I tore it down, the basket was cracked & ready to grenade... so don't wait too long to check it.

Hinson is the way to go. i just wish I had swapped it BEFORE going to the Loretta's regional...and hitting the gate each moto....

I also have an 00' 426 - my clutch was grabby when cold - I was concerned. I read on here to warm up your clutch or actually lube up your plates by holding in your lever while warming up the bike. Sorry but I do not remember who posted that. Well I started to do this and my grabby clutch is no more. Smooth as butter. I passed this tidbit along to a friend with an 01'426 - he was a little sceptical when I mentioned it - but guess what - smooooooth. Give a shot.



If you're gonna replace a basket you might want to look into a "Stormin Normen" basket. It's machined to accept steel clips where the clutch plates gouge the fingers. It lasts much longer and when it finally lets go you simply replace the clips instead of the basket. The whole shmeer is about $135.00 for a billet basket w/clips. Just some food for thought....

JBM was the one who advised to hold in the clutch lever for ~20 seconds as you warm up your engine. I also found this to cure the grabbiness in my '00 clutch and to get rid of that annoying squawking noise. Once I inspected my clutch, it was obvious that the basket tangs were getting notched so I installed a Hinson. Had the Stormin' Norman basket been available at that time, I would have installed it instead.

I have a 99' and had weird clutch grabbiness" for a while.

I started changing my oil like this.

1000ml mobil 1 15/50

500 ml 0w/30w cant remember brand but it is synthetic.

I havent been able to find the 0/30 lately so I found 5/20and mixed the same way.

My theory is that the 0w or 5w gets between the plates quicker and more of it and stays there better than say........20wt????


worked for me

no more grabbiness! :):D

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