Forks leaking oil at the top?

I did a search and can't really find much. I have a '09 yz450, and the last ride (just tonight) I noticed oil pooling up in the top of the fork where the air bleeder and adjuster screw is. I thought I was crazy at first, so I wiped it out, and rode a little more and sure enough more oil pooling in there. Its happening on both sides too, which seems strange to me. Anyone else have this problem, or seen this before? When I opened the air bleeder screw, it made a little poof of air, so it seems to me those are sealing fine. Maybe out the adjuster screw??

Make sure your bleaders are tight and try it again. I doubt that its your adjusters.

If you can't determine the point of origin of an oil leak, dust the area with baby powder and ride it. The leak should leave a track through the powder right back to the source.

has anyone seen an oil leak from the bleeder screw or adjuster, before?

the bleeder screws can leak, there are O-rings that seal there. I have seen them leak on a bike before. Pretty unlikely that its your adjusters. Please take some pictures so we can help. Also post pics in your post on the Suspension forum and I'm sure guys will chime in to help.

have also seen damaged orings from the inner chamber

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