Clear Graphics Kits

Is there any graphics kit that isn't blue out there. I'm chaning the color of my 426 over to yellow or white and want a nice kit to put on but can't find one that isn't already printed on Blue backgrounds. Thanks for the help guys....actually, one more thing. The tank on my 2001 cracked today...from right where the gas cap screws on to the front of the tank. Who else has had this happen and have you had your tanks replaced????????

Try HERE for your graphics. As far as the gas tank do a search and you will plenty of posts on the subject.

I just did mine last night (yellow) I already had the seat n fenders etc. and just redid the graphics, turned out really sharp. Get lots of comments. Especially from the old school guys that remember Yamaha as being yellar. The kits go on easy but leave a blue outline around the edges of the tank due it still being stock blue. Someone posted a link to Clarke plastics who carry a yellow YZ gas tank for $169.00 less shipping. It's lots cheaper than going to the dealer apparently.

I think the Clarke is great!

The Opaque is great looking and great for racing desert.You can see right thru it kinda like a milk carton! Matches any color combo or graphics pkg.

They are 155 plus shipping.

I bought Clarke instead of IMS because 2 reasons......1.They lied to me and said it would be on my doorstep in 3days and 2wks later I called and they told me that I was #92 on the backorder list???!WTH?

2. The petcock is on the right side so you either have to have 7 1/2ft of fuel line or reach under and inside of the tanks right side to shut off fuel!!!???WTH? Supposedly they were in the process of redesigning that BS but THEY LIED TO ME!and then lost a customer for life and Got a lot of FREE advertisement!

As far as the graphics..... There is also a european HURRICANE doesn't look too bad!

Here is the yella'

web page


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couldn't agree with u more thumpin, my 99 came with a ims tank on it, since having the bike im on my 3rd petcock, becuase of having to reach under and on the other side to turn the gas off you put excessive force on the petcock, and ive worn out 3, plus the ims only uses one bolt to secure it to the bike,

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