YZ MotoXXX kit on WR426F -- installation Pics

Guys, I installed a Moto XXX graphics, seat cover, and trim kit to my WR426F. It works! Do not be scared. Here are the particulars:

1. For the tank graphics, I trimmed along the dice to get rid of that small light blue patch that is supposed to highlight the gas tank cap. Easy, and I think it looks great

2. Shrouds fit perfectly


3. Front Fork guard stickers need a little triming for the brake cable and odometer cable. No big deal

4. Air box stikers and swing arm stickers fit perfect

5. Front fender sticker fits perfect


6. Rear Fender sticker will not work! I only ride in the daytime (my son has no lights on his YZ), so, I decided to go to a YZ rear fender, Acerbis rear fenders look great and are cheap. Otherwise, if you want to keep your WR fender, you can cut the rear fender sticker and put the logos between the seat and the rear tail light.

7. The Seat Cover was the most work. Basically the WR seat is a little shorter than the YZ seat. It is also a tad wider. The main fitment problem is at the front of seat. Basically, you cannot slide the seat cover all the way down because of the width. There is about an inch or so to spare. I just cut the underneath material a little and folded over some of the topside material. I had to do the same to the back. There is plenty of material for the width. After all the pulling, it ends up being very tight with no wrinkles and it looks trick. The moto-XXX is especially delicate because it has logos on the front and back of the seat, so, a generic black gripper seat with one logo on the back should be even easier. I used a "powershot ELECTRIC stapler" from Home depot ($25). Every time I put a staple in I leveraged that part of the seat by pushing it on the top of a vice. This allowed me to push hard and get clean penetration on the staple. I used 5/16 staples and on the top of the seat where there is some foam underneath the seat, I used a few 9/16 staples to go through the foam.







I trimmed the light blue part of the tank sticker that was above the dice. This was the part that was supposed to highlight the gas cap on the YZ. It did not look good since the WR gas cap was so much higher than the YZ. I also trimmed along the side of the dice and built that small light blue strip. Otherwise, there was a little more light blue on the side of the dice, but, it did not cover enough of the tank. The trimming I did gives a much cleaner look and allows the sticker to cover the tank better.


8. For the stickers, I cleaned the plastic with starting fluid, then sprayed windex on the plastic and the stickers. I peeled the backing completely off and then placed them (you can move them because of the windex). I then squeezed (sp) out the water. When it dries it sticks great.



Nice job! Looks sa-weeeet :)

Great job!!! Looks real nice...... :)

How do you make sure the staples don't pierce right through (into your a$$), where the foam is thinner? :)

I used 5/16 staples all around. These do not go completely through the plastic. At the very front, see picture, I used some 9/16 staples to secure the front because the foam wraps around the bottom. The foam is dense, so, even these staples did not go all the way through the plastic. The foam at the front is very compressed by the seat cover. You can tell because the seat looks a little narrower in the front than before and the tank looks a little wider. The foam that is wrapping around the plastic seat base is very compressed. There is no way you will feel any of those staples. :)

Awesome :)

Good looking bike :)

that looks SWEEEEEEET!

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